Coaching Makes the Difference

As we enter the NFL playoffs, we see twelve teams that have earned their way to a post-season berth. Through 17 weeks of extreme effort, many factors go into the fate of a team as they approach the playoffs: talent, conditioning, injuries, and a bunch of other things. But one thing is for sure; good […]

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Get More Done by Doing Less

In today’s fiber optic-fueled world, we barely find the time to do what needs to be done, let alone what we want to get done. We’re just too busy with work, family, friends, pets, etc. The boss wants this, the spouse needs that, and the pets need watering and the plants need to go…no wait…the […]

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Hate Networking? Me too.

I’ll admit it. Networking events are not as much fun for me as they are for some of my colleagues. If you, too, find networking a bit unnerving or just too awkward, then read on. If you’re the type that loves to network, read on also, to give the rest of us a better chance […]

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Spring has Sprung – Time to Recharge

Welcome the season of removal and renewal. As you’re cleaning out your closets, clearing brush, working in the garden, take time to ramp up your professional skills. There’s no better time (especially if you’ve let your New Year’s resolutions slip away) to remake your commitment to continuous improvement. Start with the easy stuff. Read those books that are collecting […]

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