Feedback: How It’s Done

In continuing our theme of providing feedback, let’s take a look at some basic principles of how to do it more effectively. It’s pretty easy to get up the courage to dole out some developmental feedback when someone screws up, and many folks feel good about delivering positive feedback when they catch someone doing something […]

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The Right Balance

In the last post we looked at feedback and how much we provide. Today we are going to look at the right balance of encouraging v. corrective feedback. Most of us are fairly adept at providing corrective feedback and it probably makes up most of our feedback output…somewhere upwards of 70%. While that keeps people […]

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Are They Getting Enough Feedback?

Feedback is the communication process of aligning employee behaviors with manager expectations. Basically, we want our direct reports to do what they’re supposed to do. But how do we know if they know what they’re supposed to do? That’s where feedback saves the day. You get another chance to express your expectations of them. As […]

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