Focus on People, Not Productivity

7:00am. Get up. Get showered. Get breakfast. Get coffee. Yes, all the coffee. 8:00am. Commute. Ugh. 9:00am. Hello, old friend. (My workspace…at the office.) 9:02am. This is kinda weird. Everyone is so quiet. Tina and Yvette aren’t hugging and chatting. Carols and Frank aren’t sharing weekend stories. I thought people would be happy to finally […]

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Lists are for People with CRS

Honey! Do you know what time my dentist appointment is? No. It’s your appointment, not mine. Don’t you keep a calendar? Well, no, not for everything. Just important stuff. And your dental health is not important? Well, it is, but… Sound familiar? I hope not, but many of us go through similar experiences daily. Maybe […]

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