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Confidence is Overrated

You’re about to step on stage to speak before five hundred people. You’re nervous. You’re sweating. You’re not feeling very confident in your ability to deliver to this many people from the bright lights of the stage. And so you pretend to be violently sick and rush off the stage hoping people will understand. YouContinue reading Confidence is Overrated

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Reinvent an Old Routine

Life can sometimes feel like just a string of routines that we do over and over every single day. You hit the alarm, you get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, or do thirty minutes of exercise and THEN shower, shave, makeup, get dressed, devour a quick breakfast, and then go to work. OnceContinue reading Reinvent an Old Routine

The One Skill You Should Use Every Single Day

We’ve all got a load of tools (or skills) in our leadership toolbox. And each of them serves a specific purpose. We have communication skills, relationship-building skills, problem-solving skills, influence skills, listening skills, and so many more. But there is one skill that many leaders have easy access to but just don’t put into practiceContinue reading The One Skill You Should Use Every Single Day

Small Talk, Big Difference

Today we look at a subject that is easy for some and brutally difficult for others. I’m talking about small talk. You know, that little dance we do to either pass time, please someone, or put them off so we can plan our escape. Now I suspect some of you may consider tuning out becauseContinue reading Small Talk, Big Difference

Meet Them Where They Are, Part 2

In a recent post, I mentioned the phrase, “To meet people where they are, as a leader, you have to learn where they are.” In that post, we explored how important it is to meet your people where they are by acknowledging, validating, and supporting their dreams, goals, and objectives. Today we are going toContinue reading Meet Them Where They Are, Part 2