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Episode 81: Stealing Happiness LEAD+SUCCEED Podcast

Happiness is one of those things we all need, we all seek, and yet sometimes (oftentimes) we struggle to find it. We search and search and search. We look in all the right places. We try positive thinking, morning affirmations, self-help, self-care, setting and achieving goals, planning and going on vacations, and all the other things that are supposed to make us feel better.Well, here’s the thing, dear listener. We’ve been looking in all the wrong places….Full transcript can be found here: more about Executive Coaching: and #jimmyglenos #executivecoaching #mentalfitnesscoaching #performancecoaching   Jimmy GlenosMental Fitness Performance CoachLEAD+SUCCEED Podcastjimmyglenos.comjimmy@jglenos.com954.415.3168
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