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Episode 52: Meet Your People Where They Are Lead+Succeed Podcast

I was listening to another podcast yesterday because that’s what I do in my spare time. It’s called How To with Charles Duhigg, and you should definitely be listening to his podcast. Each week is another opportunity to learn how to do something difficult. Sounds like another podcast I know…hmmm. Anyway, during the interview, Charles’ guest, Samantha Power, made the following comment, “To meet people where they are, as a leader, you have to learn where they are.” This can go two ways. You can think, “Hey, maybe my people don’t have the same knowledge I do around a certain project. Maybe they don’t share the same aspirations I have. Or maybe they just don’t want to follow my lead.” All are valid viewpoints. And each deserves discussion. Today, we’ll consider becoming a compelling leader by meeting people where they are.
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