Managers Manage and Leaders Lead, but Coaches Do It All

Coaches are a unique part of work and life. They provide guidance without pulling. They explore opportunities without pushing. They resolve issues without instructing. It’s really quite a remarkable gift to be a good coach. I’ve been a coach for just over 4 weeks now and I can tell you that it’s not easy. SomeContinue reading Managers Manage and Leaders Lead, but Coaches Do It All

The Most Beloved Leaders Do These Three Things

Coach: “You’ve worked so hard and shown great potential. You’ve earned it.” Cheerleader: “You can do this!” Teammate: “I’ve got your back.” Great words of encouragement from three different people: a coach, a cheerleader, and a teammate. Each one of these phrases hits our emotions in three very different ways. A sense of accomplishment –Continue reading The Most Beloved Leaders Do These Three Things

Focus on People, Not Productivity

7:00am. Get up. Get showered. Get breakfast. Get coffee. Yes, all the coffee. 8:00am. Commute. Ugh. 9:00am. Hello, old friend. (My workspace…at the office.) 9:02am. This is kinda weird. Everyone is so quiet. Tina and Yvette aren’t hugging and chatting. Carols and Frank aren’t sharing weekend stories. I thought people would be happy to finallyContinue reading Focus on People, Not Productivity

Coaching Makes the Difference

As we enter the NFL playoffs, we see twelve teams that have earned their way to a post-season berth. Through 17 weeks of extreme effort, many factors go into the fate of a team as they approach the playoffs: talent, conditioning, injuries, and a bunch of other things. But one thing is for sure; goodContinue reading Coaching Makes the Difference

Leaders Analyze

Effective leadership is an amalgam of attributes, values, and skills. And we will explore all of these over the many months and years ahead of us on this journey to lead and succeed. As Lao-tzu professed, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Let’s take the first step. The first stepContinue reading Leaders Analyze