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Shut the Door on the Open-Door Policy

Most leaders employ an open-door policy. I’m not sure if they do this because they want to or because HR tells them to or if they heard or read somewhere that it’s a “best practice.” What do you think? HR directive? Best practice? Or it seems reasonable and shows you are an approachable boss? I’mContinue reading Shut the Door on the Open-Door Policy

The One Skill You Should Use Every Single Day

We’ve all got a load of tools (or skills) in our leadership toolbox. And each of them serves a specific purpose. We have communication skills, relationship-building skills, problem-solving skills, influence skills, listening skills, and so many more. But there is one skill that many leaders have easy access to but just don’t put into practiceContinue reading The One Skill You Should Use Every Single Day

Small Talk, Big Difference

Today we look at a subject that is easy for some and brutally difficult for others. I’m talking about small talk. You know, that little dance we do to either pass time, please someone, or put them off so we can plan our escape. Now I suspect some of you may consider tuning out becauseContinue reading Small Talk, Big Difference

Meet Them Where They Are, Part 1

I was listening to a podcast yesterday because that’s what I do in my spare time. It’s called How To with Charles Duhigg, and you should definitely be listening to his podcast. Each week is another opportunity to learn how to do something difficult. Sounds like another podcast I know…hmmm. [ ‎LEAD+SUCCEED Podcast ] Anyway,Continue reading Meet Them Where They Are, Part 1

Building Trust in Unlikely Places

Trust is built in the small moments. As leaders, we find ourselves in pivotal situations every single day. We may not realize them at the time as being pivotal, but later in the day or the next, we understand just how important they were. And if we’re smart (or at least aware) we may think,Continue reading Building Trust in Unlikely Places